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>BEMCO’s state-of-art factory in Jeddah has been built on a 90,000   square meter land, which consists of one factory for heavy steel , and another factory for sheet metal duct, store, open area and   another 30,000 square meter for raw material store.

     The factory houses some of the most modern engineering   plant and equipment which utilize the latest computer software   to   ensure manufacturing excellence and quality control. 

    Product quality assurance is fundamental to and an    essential  part of BEMCO’s operation.



BEMCO’s state-of-art factory in Riyadh operates from premises measuring a total of 90,000 SQM on a site next to the prestigious PP10 Power Plant in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,

The factory was purposely built over last seven years back to manufacture Pressure Pipe spool prefabrication works, Pressure vessels, Steel plate works, Heavy structural steelwork and associated secondary steel work such as ladders, handrails and supports etc.

The emphasis has always been placed on having up to date modern equipment to ensure that high quality is achieved while maintaining good production levels in an excellent working environment








ISO 9001:2000 ASME