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One of the main foundations of an economy is the infrastructure & industry where the steel is the major player, especially in developed countries.

After 10 years of continuous growth,  Bemco has decided to start a JEDDAH based state of the art manufacturing facility to support its overall projects.

In 1975 Bemco Steel Industries (BSI) was born and after forging a remarkable reputation, it started expanding to become one of the leading, high qualified and reliable Companies in the region.

Being a solution provider, offering professional engineering services, manufacturing excellence and top quality products, BIS was called “Piece of Art Makers” by our clients, exceeding by that their expectations. The Company has initiated its strategic transformation “from steel to materials” and “from manufacturing to services”, providing full package service from construction till installation.

After being selected as approved vendors and recognized by the top end-users/contractors in the Oil & Gas, Power Generation and Infrastructure Industries, BIS will keep on seeking higher qualifications & certifications in all sectors to serve a wider range of quality buyer internationally.

Through the years BIS has increased its turn over steadily and now BSI is planning to target new clients by setting new strategy and business plan to increase the volume and market shares.

For that Reason a new state of the art factory was established in Riyadh to double the capacity and offer new range of products.

We remain committed to our philosophy of developing mutually beneficial partnerships and maintaining at all times a Win-Win situation with our customers.

The management is committed to a process of continuous improvement in every area of its operations.

Looking into the future, BIS family recognizes that we still have a long journey ahead and important tasks on our shoulders. We are in face of extremely harsh internal and external environments as well as evadable difficulties and challenges, such as the struggling global economic recovery, weak momentum in KSA current domestic economic growth, intensifying competition in the steel sector, tremendous environmental pressure and operation on slim-profit margin.

Our Team, rising to such challenges with our dedication and unity, managed to make breakthroughs by virtue of innovation and transformation to sustain the strong market competitiveness; we have unyieldingly strived towards investing in human capital to reach our goal.

At the end, our faith firmly anchored in such propositions, our sentiments fostered around such emotions and our actions upon such a belief, nothing could stand in the growth path of a thriving and prospering BIS.


General Manager


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