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>>>BEMCO Steel Industries Co. Ltd. Is one of Saudi Arabia’s leading steel fabricators with a track record going back over the last 28 years.
The company has built a remarkable reputation in terms of both quality and reliability and is considered to be one of the most experienced and technically capable organizations in the field of pressure vessels and steel structures.

Bemco Steel Brochure
Qurayyah Combined Cycle Project

Design, Shop Drawing, Fabrication and installation Of 4,700 Ton for  20Nos. Air Receivers (ASME Stamped), Tanks , Pipe Racks And Steel Structures

Riyadh Power Plant No.10

Design, Shop Drawing, Fabrication and installation Of 13,700 Ton for Turbine buildings , Steel storage Tanks And Exhaust Gas Stacks System

King Abdallah Int`l Convention Center Project
Shop Drawing, Fabrication and installation Of 1,.600 Ton for Steel Domes and structures

Bringing new machinery and manpower enlarging our production power More about manpower needed...


Expanding our Facilities to be Total facilities area  90,000 square Meter More..


co-ordination with Saudi Oger in most of their projects More...


PP10 Riyadh installation process achieve a very high progress reached to 85% More...

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